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How To Live Happy Life With Herpes

If you have herpes, this must be your state of mind too. If you have herpes, you live in the fear of transmitting it to others close to you and if by good luck you are not yet infected with herpes, you live in the fear of getting the herpes simplex virus. In short everyone on this planet is living with the fear of herpes, no matter whether you are infected or are uninfected. When this fear will leave people? For how many more years you will have to live you life with a fear of herpes simplex virus. This small virus has turned the world upside down. Is it that powerful? If not then what is making it so much powerful? The internet is full of news and discussions about herpes and in real life when we look around we hardly see anyone admitting that he/ she has herpes. Isn’t it strange? Yes, it is strange, and this is the powerhouse of herpes simplex. It is the source that is making herpes simplex virus very powerful. The fear of herpes simplex is a creation of human mind and it is this fear that gives all the attention to a minute virus.

Herpes Simplex Virus & Infection

It doesn’t mean that herpes simplex cannot do anything, but it means that it is doing much destruction only because we are allowing it to do. Whether it is oral herpes or genital herpes, the common physical symptoms of herpes infection are- fever, body ache, feeling unwell, unusual discharge from skin, cold sores, fluid filled blisters, rashes and red spots on the skin. Symptoms of herpes are very severe when the virus becomes active for the first time in your body. Later on your body develops antibodies against the herpes simplex virus and subsequent outbreak will be light. For the first time the virus will create great deal of trouble for you but as time passes, the outbreaks’ intensity and frequency both will decrease. If you have a very weak immune system only then the herpes simplex will become active again and again causing outbreaks, otherwise it will be bearable. Then why there is so much terror of being infected with herpes? The fear of herpes virus arises due to the myths that are flowing in air just like virus strands. Only a few of the herpes patients really know what herpes virus can really do to you and what it cannot. Herpes simplex is thought of ruining lives, relationships and sexual activities of those who are infected, but the truth is that it is our own perspective that is doing all this to us and not the herpes simplex virus.

Social Fear For Herpes

This fear of herpes virus will continue to bother mankind until we find a permanent and complete cure for both the types of herpes- oral herpes as well as genital herpes. A number of researches have been going on in the United States and all around the world and millions of dollars are spent on these projects but the real cure for herpes is still far away from the reach of scientists. This is the unfortunate truth that till today there is no means by which we can kill the herpes simplex virus. Yes, we have successfully devised many ways by which we can suppress the symptoms during outbreaks, but there is no way to kick the virus out of your body. Herpes remains to be a life long infection the removal of which from human body is not possible till date. This is the biggest factor that contributes to the fear related to the name of herpes.

Another major contributor that increases the fear of herpes among humans is the humiliation that herpes patients have to face from the society. We live in a well educated world where all the folks are open minded. All of us know the definition of a viral infection and we also know how we get viral infection. But unfortunately when it comes to herpes, we still treat it as an outcome of sins done by the infected person. This sounds stupid but no one of us can accept the person having herpes as only a diseased person. This social stigma and fear of rejection makes herpes a matter to be afraid of. All these things together make the life of herpes patients’ hell. Read more to know about how to deal with herpes.

These are the two things that give rise to the fear of herpes. Herpes is a life long infection and hence everyone is afraid of getting this infection. Those who are already infected are struggling to find a permanent cure for herpes so that they do not become a transmitter and do not has to live with the fear of herpes everyday and night. Others are living their lives in a fear of getting herpes. This fear is also justifiable because the number of herpes patients in the United States tell that almost every other sexually active person has herpes. This indicates that anytime you also can get the virus into your body. Apart from this the failure to find the permanent cure for herpes is another reason for the population of United States being afraid of herpes. Over and above this it is the society that makes the fear even more intense. 

We will have to live with the fear of herpes till the scientists successfully are able to find a way to kill the herpes virus. Well, this is not going to happen real soon. What is the other ray of hope then? You cannot kill the herpes virus, but you can kill the fear of herpes for sure. Wondering how? Do not allow the herpes simplex virus enters your mind and it will be virtually dead. Change yourself and the entire society will change automatically. Once you change your perspective about herpes, the fear of herpes will eventually vanish and you will live a stress free life. The cure for herpes will time to come out but this way you can get rid of the fear of herpes really soon. 

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