Tuesday, 18 July 2017


There is a mystery behind herpes cure by neem oil but, this mystery is disclosed. What is the magic behind herpes cure with neem oil is understood now? This is the disease which causes very painful blisters. If I am not wrong having blisters is the main reason that herpes patient is not living the normal life. 

Herpes is the disease which is caused by herpes simplex virus and this is the virus which also causes chicken pox, shingles, oral herpes, genital herpes and brain infection. Herpes is the most annoying disease and this is the condition from which many people are suffering in the states of America. 

According to the recent survey, this is the disease from almost 90 percent people are suffering. There are so many people who have herpes but they don’t know about that and do you know why? Because of outbreaks yes, they do not have any kind of blisters, pain or itching. But, not having blisters is doesn’t mean you don’t have herpes and you can’t pass this virus to others.

You can still pass this virus to others even if you don’t have herpes. This is the disease which can pass even if you don’t have active sores. There are two types of herpes disease; oral herpes and genital herpes. Both are very common and both are highly contagious. I can understand that you are here to read only about neem oil for herpes cure and not about the disease.

But, if you gain some extra knowledge about herpes, it will help you only. If you gain correct knowledge about herpes, you can also tell anyone about this disease so that he, she can stay alerted and prevent this disease. Oral herpes and genital herpes both are very common and according to recent survey people of United States are suffering more from genital herpes than oral herpes. Some people think that genital herpes is complicated and dangerous diseases but it’s not true. According to studies, oral herpes is the most complicated and dangerous disease. Because of this, you can get the brain infection.  

Oral herpes is the disease of mouth, gum, and lips this is the infection which is spread by sharing utensils, lip balms, towel and razors of an infected person. On the other side, you can get genital herpes through sexual activities with an infected person.

Herpes virus gets into your body through mucous membrane and the small cut. After the virus enters into your body it will stay inert in your immune system. This virus always stays in immune system because there is no treatment option available to cure this disease. 

Herpes is incurable disease means there is no cure for this annoying disease and you have to suffer from this always. But researchers are doing their best and keep searching the cure for this disease. But, till then you can use natural remedies to cure your outbreaks. Outbreaks are the main problem of herpes patients.

Using natural remedies to cure herpes outbreaks is the ultimate treatment option. This is the option by which you will not get any kind of side effect. There are so many remedies to cure herpes but neem oil is something else. Means the health benefits of neem oil is very different and many. 

Neem is an herb which has been used to cure various types of health conditions since thousands of years. There are many names of this single herb some called this Indian lilac, nature’s drugstore and much more.  Neem oil has natural antibacterial, antifungal, anti-viral and healing properties.
There are many other options available to use neem you can use neem cream, neem oil, and neem soap or neem tea. This is the natural remedy which has countless benefits. This is the remedy which you can use to cure many other diseases apart of herpes. What are those diseases which can be cured by neem oil we will talk later? 

Neem oil is used to speed up the healing process of herpes outbreak by applying it to the sores. This is the perfect remedy which can reduce the severity of herpes outbreaks. The tropical application of neem oil helps to get relief from itching, pain and burning sensation.

There are few studies are present which shows that using neem oil can stop the transmission of this virus to others. This is the oil which can do all the things which are important to reduce the severity of herpes. Herpes is just a disease but, because we don’t have any permanent treatment for this disease we always think that having herpes is similar to end our life. This is not a good thinking. 

Herpes is also a disease like other diseases and there are many people who are also living with herpes. They are living their life normally because they are using natural treatment to prevent the outbreaks. You can also live your life normally and that can only possible if you use natural treatment. 

As I mentioned apart from so many natural remedies you can use neem oil for herpes. This is the oil which can cure lots of health complications. You can use neem oil to protect your skin from aging, keep your skin moisturized, cure acne, treat and prevent scars, cure the problem of dryness and psoriasis. 

These are some conditions that can be cured by Neem oil apart of herpes. So, as I told you this is just a disease like other diseases you can also live the normal life and can do what you use to do usually. Use neem oil in a correct way and experience some changes in your condition (the good ones). Typically people use neem oil for tropical use and for that you can take one cotton swab and put some drops of Neem oil and apply gently on the affected area of the skin. Do not put the same cotton swab in the bottle. Use fresh cotton every time and try to avoid touching sores. These are some ways by which you can not only cure herpes sores but also prevent herpes virus from entering your body.